Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Playing Around...

Trike Time!


Snack time:  Fresh organic salads made from vegetables provided by J.R. Organics Farm. Yummy!

Watch out, it's gonna blow!!!

One of our incredible BTLP families made and shared a volcano with the 4-5 yr. classroom. It was a major hit with everyone, kids and staff! A mixture of baking soda and vinegar made this volcano erupt! Class vote was : ACTIVE volcanoes are way more fun than dormant ones! 

Planting Pumpkins!

Children from both classrooms had the opportunity to help plant pumpkins this month. Each child had the chance to get their hands dirty and work on getting a green thumb. (An expression they were both delighted with and confused by!) We planted both orange and white pumpkins.

Pumpkin Seeds In The Shell, Roasted Salted Container 8 oz Container  11.49

First they organized and counted the pots. Then they had the chance to fill each with soil and water. Last, each child created a hole in the soil and deposited 3 seeds, which were then covered with additional soil and patted gently. 

All of the kids liked the idea of the seeds "taking a nap" to get big and strong. There were lots of "ssshhhhh's" and "careful, the seeds are sleeping" said. Very cute!

Look how much our pumpkins have grown!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

All Around Fun!

This week J.R. Organics treated our students to fresh organic strawberries! They were absolutely delicious and picked by farmer Joe that morning. We also had the children use the fresh veggies and fruit from the farm to make guacamole and grapefruit juice. All of their hard work paid off and we had a great afternoon snack. Yummy! Please check out the farms' website for activities and recipe ideas.

Making grapefruit juice...

Enjoying the fruits of our labor!

A peek into the 2-3 yr. classroom this week...

This week for sensory play the children had opportunities to use finger-paints and shaving cream. It was good messy fun!

For physical fun and exercise we moved and grooved to the music and story, "The Animal Boogie" by Debbie Harter.

We Stomped, Slithered, flapped, and leaped!

A peek into the 4-5 yr. classroom this week...

This week was filled with lots of silly fun. The kids engaged in self-directed play and had a laugh-out-loud time!

Some of the kids created a rock band and made the teachers laugh with their music and super cool rock moves...

Others put on  puppet shows for the class...

While others went on a bug hunt. They found flowers, interesting rocks and plants, as well as LOTS of Roly-Poly bugs!