Friday, September 3, 2010


This week we read Crysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and learned all about names. We decided that our names are "absolutely perfect!" Did you know Crysanthemum has 13 letters in her name???? We counted the letters in our names and compared the lengths. Here are some more activities you can do at home to teach your child all about their name:

Make a Name Board.
1. In large, bold print type or write out your child's name.
2. Glue onto card stock and cut into squares.
3. Make a blank "Name Board" with empty squares (the number needed for the name)
4. Model placing the letters in order on the Name Board for your child.
5. Place some of the letters on the board in order, but leave out a couple and have your child fill them in.
6. Work up until your child is able to spell out their name!

Names and their Meanings
Talk to your child about what their name means (if it has a meaning) or tell them more about why you chose that name. If your child's name has a meaning (like a flower) look that up in a book to show them a picture of the flower (or other item.) Have them color or paint a picture of what their name means.

Writing My Name
1. In large, bold print write or type out your child's name. Some computer programs can do dotted print (for tracing) or bubble letters (for writing in the lines).
2. Glue to card stock and cover with clear contact paper.
3. Have your child practice tracing his/her name using a dry erase marker.

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  1. I am extremely impressed with the staff and the facility.
    My granddaughter loves to share what she is learning and how much fun she is having.
    Thank You Big Tree, Little Preschool!

    D. Lalla