Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A New Preschool in Town!

Big Tree, Little Preschool has officially opened it's doors in Vista, CA. We are located at the Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship just off of Melrose and Buena Vista Drive. We are a licensed Preschool and Childcare facility for children ages 2 1/2- 6 years of age.

What makes us stand apart from the rest:

Big Tree, Little Preschool aims to be an extension to your family. Our weekly themes and activities teach your child that learning is fun and instills a love for learning!

We are more than just a Daycare.We have a high quality preschool program, embedded in our day, that all children will participate in. This Pre-academic program readies our students to excel at the California State Standards for Kindergarten.

Our Teaching methods:

We teach to the individual child. We consider all approaches of teaching to touch on each learning style (visual, auditory, reading-writing preference, kinesthetic and tactile.) Your child will be participating in music, dance, imaginative play, fine and gross motor activities, and socialization. They will be immersed in reading, writing, and math activities all correlating with a weekly theme.

Brigance Early Childhood Screening:

We offer a state-of-the art monitoring system that gives you a printed progress report so that you can see your child's strengths and weaknesses. The Brigance Early Childhood Assessment is an informal assessment that tracks progress in readiness skills, social skills, preacademic skills, and self-care.

Boardmaker Picture Symbols:

Boardmaker picture schedules, symbols, task lists, and labels will introduce your child to reading. Our schedules and task lists offer a simple nonverbal structure that eliminates adult instructions. After all- kids at this age are wanting to become more independent and grow tired of constant verbal directives. Your child will love checking their schedule and knowing what the next activity is before they are told. Our Boardmaker-made Interactive books will engage your child in books and make it their own! Our File Folder games directly teach kids matching, sorting, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and more- all while making it fun!

Tuned Into Learning:

Tuned into Learning is a music program that introduces young children to shapes, numbers, the alphabet, hygiene, safety, and social skills. Big Tree, Little Preschool uses the Tuned into Learning program to supplement the activities throughout the week. We also use well-known family favorites such as Raffi, traditional children's songs, Jim Gill, Putumayo Kids, They Might Be Giants (yep- for kids!) Greg and Steve, Charlotte Diamond, and many many more to get kids moving, learning and having a blast!

Gentle Teaching:

Despite all this fun, we realize that there still may be tears and disagreements. We are trained in Gentle Teaching and believe that proactive planning and the teaching of appropriate behaviors and self-management is a must. We teach children how to share, take turns, talk to each other, and self-calm. We use redirection to catch minor behaviors before they become larger ones. 

Manipulatives and Work Systems:

Similar to those completed in Montessori-style classes, our workboxes are created with kids in mind! They contain motivating manipulatives that are enticing to young kids. They are theme-focused and teach math, reading, pre-writing, and more!


We aim to be Earth-friendly and want to share this passion for nature with children. We will be taking nature walks on our beautiful campus to observe our butterfly garden, native-plants, trees, and wildlife within our garden area. We will learn about composting, planting and gardening, and limiting what we throw away. We will focus on recycling, reusing, and reducing. We make every attempt to fill our classroom with Earth-Friendly toys and supplies. We will purchase locally-grown or organic fruits and vegetables for snack whenever possible. We encourage "trash-free" lunches and reduce our waste by composting left over fruit and vegetables that otherwise would be thrown out. We are cloth-diaper/pull up friendly!

Our Natural Playscape is indeed under construction, BUT...

You and your child will not be disappointed! We want to bring children back to nature while enticing their imaginations outdoors. We want to encourage play surrounded by trees, plants, and nature. Our Playscape will have slides, a stage area, bridges, a playhouse, a trike path, and a grape arbor/tunnel. It may not look like much just yet, but our volunteer-driven Playground Committee is constantly organizing and planning- not to mention digging, lifting, creating, planting!!!

Our monthly newsletter keeps you informed in any changes, news or up-coming events. We continue the bridge between home and school with an activity you can do at home and a monthly reading tip!

Call or email to arrange a visit of our beautiful preschool and campus! Meet our Directors and Teachers and see for yourself just what sets us apart from the rest!


Phone: 760-500-7488 or 760-547-8733

Visit our website for more details!

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